Motorola X-Phone as ‘Game-Changing’ Device from Google -- Telstra Exec

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Australia is among the sites chosen for the reported 'game-changing' innovation that is the Motorola X-Phone, which giant telco Telstra will start selling on July 2013.

According to SmartHouse, Telstra chief technology officer Hugh Bradlow recently held a briefing with close-in staff and informed them that Telstra is picking up a new device that is developed with the full backing of internet giant Google.

What Telstra will bring in to the country "is a real breakthrough, a game changer that will put pressure on Samsung and Apple." SmartHouse reported Mr Bradlow as saying.

Speculations are high that Google is pouring considerable resources on the X-Phone project, likely the first major device output of Motorola Mobility following its blockbuster acquisition by the tech titan.

Experts expect that the new handset will take off brandishing the highest hardware specs available by the time it is launched but further excitement is generated as Google will reportedly introduce new software capabilities with the X-Phone that to date are absent with Apple and Samsung smartphones.

What the world will see come July is the product of hardwork and collaboration of Google and Motorola engineers, which according to SmartHouse took a long time to compete the project, the tech site pointing to its unnamed insider.

"The software is really powerful and it pulls together Google services like no other manufacturer has done in the past," the same source told SmartHouse.

Beyond the specs, experts believe that the X-Phone is geared as a game-changer because it will sustain and even improve on the successful Nexus model by Google. The devices, especially the Nexus 4 smartphone, have been luring significant attention around the world by delivering powerful capabilities that are packed with low price tags.

Droid-Life entertains the likelihood that the Motorola X-Phone "would be available on all carriers as well as the Play store for an insanely low price," citing reports from numerous blog sites.

It is widely believed that the X-Phone is all prepped up for global release and Google will unpack the new handset during its annual I/O Developers Conference scheduled this May.

The Motorola X-Phone will then land on store shelves starting July and Aussies are the first to appreciate the new Android device, which likely will be powered by Key Lime Pie or Android 5.0.

This new platform upgrade from Google is probably one of the powerful softwares being referred to in the SmartHouse report, analysts said.

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