Motorola X Phone: 10 Things You Should Expect

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Motorola X Phone is revolving on huge amount of intrigue and now that the Google I/O event is closing in, should you expect much about this controversial and future-proof Android device?

1.      The X Phone Must Be Real Eric Schmidt from Google has seen the future of Motorola with new set of "phenomenal" products. Google influenced the design by the executive chairman described the next Motorola device as "very impressive."

2.      Motorola X Phone Not Google X Phone? Chinese analyst, Sun Chang Xu claims that Google lost its interest with the X Phone project and leaving it to Motorola instead to singlehandedly. The project was never cancelled and Google isn't behind it anymore.

3.      First to Run the Latest Android Version Whether is Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, a paramount device such as Motorola X Phone is surely to be the first running the upcoming Android OS version. If ever the new Android appears in the Google I/O, you should expect that Motorola X Phone will give a demonstration about it.

4.      Google I/O Special Appearance It doesn't matter if Google is not anymore working in the project, the Motorola X Phone has a great probability to attend on the special event this month. It also possible that both Motorola X Phone and Nexus 5 are going to give demonstration of the latest Android OS.

5.      Future Proof Motorola and Google planned the X Project with a whole new look for the future of Android devices. Many rumours have spread that the X Phone is future-proof which means, no smartphone in the near future can easily knock it down. Can the X Phone defeat Galaxy S4, iPhone 5s/iPhone 6, Xperia Z, Blackberry Z10 or HTC One?

6.      X Line instead of Nexus Line The device is named as X Phone and could indicated another line up of Android units coming from Motorola. X Phone may battle Nexus lines but Google can also use both line ups to compete with other smartphones running Android, Blackberry, iOS or Windows Phone.

7.      Powerful Specifications Octa-core is the highest number of processors found in smartphones today and Samsung Galaxy S4 holds the title. However, eight-core processors can cause high temperature due to overheat and drains battery faster. The X Phone may possibly have quad-core CPUs but with the latest processor brand, 5-inches of display screen with high resolution and powerful 13MP camera. Google I/O event shall determine the prowess that X Phone can boast.

8.      Resilient Body Motorola is known not only from slim and compact phones back in years with the RAZR line but also for highly resilient designs. Some of their Android smartphones are packed with scratch-resistant, dust-resistant, water-resistant, shock-resistant, pressure-resistant and/or weather enduring properties. Owners should expect X Phone to define X not only with power but also with fortitude.

9.      Customisation for Owners Rumours of customisation also surrounds the X Phone. Many fans are asking Google if the device can be customised according to their desire and some sources reveals that Google is working on possible customisable versions of the device. If Google really left the project, surely Motorola cannot ignore requests for customisation needs.

10.  Not So Expensive Device After All Unlike with other manufacturers, both Google and Motorola designed great Android smartphones but their price tags are not going to kill your pocket. Nexus 4 is only sold for $299 in Google Play Store having 8GB internal storage and the Droid RAZR MAXX HD costs $300 per unit then drops at $250 only. X Phone under Nexus line or Motorola would be as expensive as other brands, a great marketing strategy for either company to sell the upcoming device.

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