Motorola Phablet Moto X+1 Caught Running Android L Firmware; Three New Moto DROIDS Coming Out This Year

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A mysterious Motorola device has been spotted having larger screen display than LG Nexus 5 and Moto X running Android L firmware. According to sources, it may be the rumoured upcoming Motorola phablet called Moto X+1 set to be released later this year.

Moto Phablet Running Android L

Motorola may release a phablet device which carries the upcoming Android version known as "L". According to Android Community, a device from Motorola has leaked out running Android L firmware and having an overall size bigger than LG Nexus 5 and Moto X smartphones.

TK Tech News uploaded a video at YouTube which showcased this rumoured Motorola phablet. It features the Motorola logo during boot time and seems to run Android L firmware based on the following factors shown in the video.

-          Soft keys are similar to the Android L Developer Preview

-          Features the lock and home screen wallpaper of Android L

-          Camera shortcut button at the lower right corner of the lock screen

-          New icons of several natives apps at the home screen

-          New themes implemented on various native apps

-          Running stock Android firmware

Upcoming Motorola DROIDS

In addition to the images uploaded by TK Tech News via YouTube video, an employee from Motorola who leaked the device confirms that there are three upcoming new DROIDS which will be released later this year stated by the video uploader.

But the Motorola employee did not confirm if the new DROIDS are coming out exclusively from Verizon Wireless. The leaked phablet features several Verizon applications found inside the application menu which may indicate such exclusivity; otherwise, the device is unlocked.

Moreover, it has been described that the leaked device features larger overall size compared to LG Nexus 5 or the current Moto X flagship smartphone. Super AMOLED display screen technology is also speculated to have been used on the leaked Motorola phablet.

Apparently, it is confirmed to be a "legit device" via Hangouts with the Motorola employee said by the video uploader although the name is not yet confirmed if Moto X+1 or something else.

Android L Features

Here are some essential features sported by the upcoming Android L firmware for every eligible Motorola devices:

1.      Android Runtime as alternative to Dalvik for smoother app performance.

2.      Project Volta for more accurate battery tracking monitor.

3.      Built-in battery saving tool.

4.      Material Design them.

5.      Support for OpenGL ES 3.1  

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