Motorola Moto X '64 GB' Variant Tipped in MotoMaker Website

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Different Colored Examples of Motorola's New Moto X Phones Rest on a Table at a Launch Event in New York
Different colored examples of Motorola's new Moto X phones rest on a table at a launch event in New York, August 1, 2013. (Representational Image) REUTERS

Apart from the regular leaks from various credible sources, Motorola's official Web site has become one such source in the recent times. It is worth reminding that, a Reddit member named Octopenis uncovered information about the upcoming Moto X+1 device by ferreting out the XML code from Motorola's official Web site earlier this month.

But now the Russian tech Web site Mobil Telefon (via BGR) has unearthed codes related to Moto X on the MotoMaker section of Motorola's Web site. The company Motorola is planning to offer a 64 GB Moto X variant. In addition, the uncovered code also claims that the 64 GB variant will be available to the Moto X+1 model slated to launch later this year. Notably, both the models of the handset are customizable with the help of Motorola's MotoMaker tool.

The 2013 Moto X with its amazing features, great software and hardware performances and an attractive price tag has been coming in 16 GB and 32 GB variants. This leaked information, upon coming true, could potentially see the Moto X in 64 GB built-in variant.

Going by the leaked code, the 64 GB variant will be priced at US$100 more than the presently available models. The 16 GB variant is priced at US$349.99, while the 32 GB can be purchased at US$399.99. Nevertheless, these variants do not offer microSD card support for further expansion.

There is no official confirmation on the launch date at this point in time. According to Android Police, the leaked documents show a 64 GB Moto X model with 'Sprint Carrier' slated for May 23, 2014 release. Since we have already crossed the date May 23 and there has been no word from either Motorola or Sprint confirming this news, the only possible explanation is a postponement of the new model.

The same publication was quick to add that, there is a possibility that Motorola might have decided to discontinue the 64 GB model but never removed the initial plan from the Web site.

Interested users can check out the leaked images from Android Police.

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