Motorola Droid RAZR HD, MAXX HD JellyBean 4.1 Update: How to Install in Two Ways

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The Android JellyBean 4.1 is officially available for owners of Motorola's Droid RAZR HD and MAXX HD and getting it is served in two ways - server initiated and manual update procedures.

Since Verizon Wireless has clearly indicated that the upgrade will visit RAZR and MAXX users in gradual mode, it may take some time before the official notice will arrive but for some it would not hurt to check if the package is already out there, which was dispatched over-the-air (OTA) on Dec 4.

This JellyBean for Motorola packs a hefty 276MB, which Verizon said will require some 15 minutes to be transmitted on your smartphone and another amount of several minutes for the full installation to do its job properly.

As mentioned above, Verizon will send notes to all RAZR and MAXX owners and when that happens simply tap the Download option on the pop-up screen and wait for the file copying to be completed. Then hit the Install option to trigger the JellyBean upgrade.

Let the patch do its work, which entails automatic restart of the unit to complete the installation. You'll know it was a successful job as the device dispatches a screen message that says the update was applied successfully. If you want to check if indeed you were upgraded, hit the Menu then Settings and About Phone. It should read: Build 9.1.41, Verizon said.

Now if you cannot wait for Verizon initiative, follow this simple route: tap the Menu Key > tap Settings > About Phone > System Updates and then check for updates. If the package is ready, it will ask permission to download. Once you get the file, revert back to the update procedure.

Again, the device will cycle into power down and up and will require several minutes of waiting and cooperation on your part. Tap the appropriate screen instructions and you'll steer through the upgrade completion.

Two important things though prior to taking the update plunge. One is making sure that you have enough power to avoid complications and chief of them is bricking the phone. Android experts would recommend at least 50 to 75 per cent of battery but just to make sure, update only with a hundred per cent charged battery.

Also back up your phone data, which is a breeze using the Motorola PC Suite, the same tool that you will use for later recovery.

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