MotoGP Update: Faster Marc Marquez Achieved the Glory

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A poised Marc Marquez clinched his second consecutive title in 2014 MotoGP session on Sunday at Austin, Texas.

Marquez was fast enough to break his previous lap record in the qualifying session. He ended on 2m, 02.773s in the chart, 0.273 seconds than the previous time.

The 21-year-old, however, finished with style and ease.

"I never lead a race from the first lap to the end ... It was a little strange," Marc said after race.

"Marc today was just faster ... I couldn't really follow the pace," Marc's teammate Daniel Pedrosa commented.

Marquez was clearly in a state of winning streak as he avoided any possible clash with the traffic on the elevated first turn, leaving a huge gap with Pedrosa.

The Repsol Honda runner gave no such chances to other runners as he raced past the straightway and the hairpin bends with super confidence.

Pedrosa stated his only chance to outrun Marc was to supress him right at the start.

Marquez started in the first position and remained in the lead till the end of the run. Jorge Lorenzo seemed to be the only contender to take over Marquez. Lorenzo, who started fifth, was penalised with a ride in the pit lane at the end of the first lap.

"My first thought was that, 'I lost on the start ... But then I understood when he went on the first lap into the pits. I was concentrated on my race. It didn't change anything," Marquez added.

Marquez was cruising in style but he made one mistake on the final turn of the lap when he lost a bit of control. But experienced Marc calmly managed the situation and pushed further to end first in the title.

"The race was too quiet ... I just wanted to put some RPM on the bike," he said. "It was a small mistake ... It's more experience for the future," Marquez added.

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