Moto X+1 Leaked; Possibly Motorola’s First Phablet?

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Motorola may not be a noisemaker in the handset wars compared to Samsung and Apple which are often entangled in lawsuits and flagship battles.

It may not be like Nokia starting to create a buzz releasing three smartphones at a time. But Motorola proves its name in the mobile spotlight. Recently, the Google-acquired brand is making its resounding name following a leak of a new handset called Moto X+1.

Motorola seems to be up for something. The algebraic sound of the Moto X+1, touted to be the company's new flagship, did not fail to arouse the curiosity of the tech geeks who are avidly watching every phone company's newest releases. With the buzz created by the positive reviews of the newly launched Moto G, the release of the leaked Moto X+1 may surely be a subject of interest.

The leak of the upcoming Moto X+1 came from the notorious Twitter tipster, @evleaks on April 6. It said the phone model is "coming soon," but there were no further hints of the release date nor its possible carrier. @evleaks often provide "accurate" tips and it will no longer be a surprise if Motorola will officially announce the release of the Moto X+1 model.

Moto X+1 a Phablet? 

Back in March 2014, TechnoBuffalo reported Motorola is working on a phablet to be launched in Q3 this year. Its source was the leaker that provided information about the then upcoming Moto X and Moto G which happened to be true.

The rumors suggested the phablet, to be called as the Xplay will sport a 6.3 display. But there were no succeeding reports to provide additional details nor confirm of its truth. The leak of the Moto X+1 awaken another interest and further questions whether the upcoming model will be the rumored phablet for Motorola. If deemed correct, the phablet will be Motorola's first.

Motorola in its Web site said the Moto X is the only phone "assembled in the U.S."

Making a statement as a "real" American brand, Motorola may not be the new kid in town, but is rising to be another phone maker to be closely watched this 2014.

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