Moto X vs. iPhone 5S: 4 Motorola Android Features that Overwhelms the More Popular iOS 7 Rival

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The underdog that it is, the Moto X packs numerous features that could kill the iPhone 5S in any given occasion, given a closer look.

While many experts initially branded the Motorola flagship as underwhelming compared to the present crop of smartphones, the Moto X gradually emerged as a strong contender in field that remains an iPhone dominion.

And for many reasons as this Android boasts of superb specs and killer features that when pitted with the iPhone 5S will make the latter inferior. Four of these Moto X advantages are provided below:

Smart and alert features galore

Loads of raves have been accorded to the Moto X for its cutting-edge smart and notification features. One of it highlight features is the Active Display, which reacts automatically on users' mere gestures, quietly displaying alerts and notifications even in the middle of a meet.

Also, the hands-free control hardwired with the Moto X's OK Google function offers incredible benefits to users such making and receiving voice calls, sending and reading messages and playing a tune - all without  touching the device.

The screen advantage

The iPhone 5S is endowed with a 4-inch display panel that beams out in 1136 x 640 resolution with an immersive pixel density of 326ppi. This Retina screen rendition is matched by the Moto X that flashes at 720 resolution with identical pixel density.

In short, both devices deliver satisfactory smartphone display but the clear lies on the larger Moto X screen, which affords more display real estate that really matters when viewing YouTube clips, watching movies and reading online news or e-books.

Wider customisation options

The Moto X comes in funky colours that reflect a user's personality or mood. The latter is achievable via the configurable Moto X body look on time of purchase and again can be modified by availing of the numerous back covers and front panels that are being retailed at affordable price points.

In contrast, the iPhone 5S is limited to only three colours as set by Apple, eliminating any chances for users to experiment on how they want the 5S build will look at a given time.

Accessible price tags

Unlocked the Moto X is priced at $400 for the basic model while units that come with contract can be had at $100. These price points make the device as one of the most attractive flagships that came out in 2013 - giving smartphone shopper the chance to own a good-looking and powerful handset without digging too deep on their pockets.

Right now, the Moto X prices are pretty fixed while that of the iPhone 5S is occasionally the recipient of low discounts. On a regular day, the 5S demands $150 to $200 for buyers to take it home, which also comes with monthly obligation. Going for the unlocked, the cash setback could go as high as $700, which is the case in most markets outside of America.

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