Moto G Top 10 Tricks to Extend Battery Life Without Needing Root Access

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Motorola's Moto G may only have 2070 mAh battery unit and not a flagship smartphone. However, there are several ways to make the battery last longer by simply following these tips without requiring any root access.

Battery life of Moto G is affected by overall total usage and the degree of use such as playing games, surfing the Internet or non-stop calls. Here are the ways to juice up more power on your Moto G smartphone.

Charge During the Night

Moto G has a non-removable battery unit which is fine if you recharge it during the night. Once you wake up the next morning, the smartphone is already full and ready for another day of multitasking.

Monitor Apps

You can check which apps or services are draining power throughout the day by swiping down from the notifications shade and tapping on the quick settings icon. Select the quick setting battery icon to view power consumption.

Airplane Mode Usage

Whenever you are located in an area with low or no cellular signal at all, turn on the airplane mode. Cellular phones and smartphones always search for cellular signal even in areas without any service, and so it is best to use the airplane mode during these times.

Display Screen

Always turn off the display screen whenever it is not in use to save more power. Moreover, set the screen time out duration to a minimum in order to save energy in case you forgot to turn off the display.

Location Services

Select apps which constantly use GPS and turn them off to avoid draining power. Facebook and other social apps do not need much of location services and it is recommended to turn GPS off when using them. Don't forget to 'end navigation' when you reach your destination.

Wallpapers and Widgets

Use static wallpapers inside of live ones and reduce widgets on the home screen to save additional power. These decorations look beautiful but cost a lot on power consumption.

Feeds and Updates

Enable apps and services that you only need for feeds and updates. Turn off the auto-syncing feature or manually turn off regular updates inside the app's settings. You can do this for messengers, social apps and email clients.

Controlling Brightness

Reduce the level of the display brightness according to the comfort of your eyes. Screen brightness consumes around 50 per cent of power consumption.

Disable Wireless Radios

If you are not using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS or mobile data, turn them off to prevent transmission of signals. Power consumption is worse if these radios are not connected to something as they intend to keep on searching for nothing.

Regular Reboot

Reboot your device once every day, preferably after a full recharge to release memory which could solve sluggishness and get accurate battery statistics.

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