Moto G Android 4.4 KitKat Problems Arise: How to Fix Airplane Mode, Battery and More

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A Woman Takes A Picture In Front Of A Motorola Logo.
IN PHOTO: A woman takes a picture in front of a Motorola logo before the worldwide presentation of the Moto G mobile phone in Sao Paulo November 13, 2013. The new Motorola phone, which is being aimed at consumers in developing markets like Brazil and India as well as budget-buyers in Western countries, is the second major new product that Motorola has developed since its acquisition by Internet company Google in 2012. REUTERS/Nacho Doce

Motorola had a clear vision even before it released some of its devices - to provide updates faster compared to competitors. The idea translated immediately following the launch of the Moto G. The device shipped with Android 4.3 but it was quickly upgradeable to Android 4.4 KitKat. Nonetheless, Motorola was not able to pull off the move without a price. Users have complained about problems with the Moto G following upgrade. 

As much Motorola wanted to deliver the updates fast to customers, the plan backfired. Users have been complaining about the software. While the update promised interface improvements, better battery life and phone camera enhancements, some reported otherwise. 

The battery drain has been evident on the Moto G. According to reports, the problem comes from camera-based applications including programs like Skype. So far, Google only recommended users to remove or uninstall programs related to the problem. However, this is not possible for other users. Some of these apps are important for business and other professional transactions. 

Signal loss is also a big problem for many users. Fortunately, aside from Google's recommendation, there are several things that users can do to address these problems. According to Design and Trend, signal loss became more evident following Android 4.4.2 among Android devices. For signal loss, users can try to switch off the device while pressing and holding the power button. This should address the problem temporarily. Users can also switch the device to Airplane mode for a few minutes. Some users have reported solving their signal loss with it. However, this is not a permanent solution. It is still best to wait for Motorola's, Google's or the carrier's update to solve the problem. 

For battery drain, emptying the battery of the device until it turns off should do the trick. Charge the device and then run it again until battery is empty. Charge once more and the problem should be fixed. Motorola has claimed previously that the Moto experienced calibration problems thus the issued fix. Users can check the company's site for more support. On another note, another Google update can also offer resolution but people will have to wait for that. 

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