Moto G: 10 Tips and Tricks You Should Know to Extend and Improve Battery Life

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Moto G is one of the cheapest smartphones available in the market that can be upgraded to Android 4.4.3 KitKat. If you are having issues with its short battery life, here are some useful tricks to extend it throughout the day.

1.      Display Management Manage the display brightness and screen time-out to the level of your comfort. Set the brightness appropriate to your eyesight and reduce the screen time-out to minimum especially if you always forget to turn the display off.

2.      Not a Fan of Google Now? If you don't use Google Now and prefer manual use of the Web browser, turn off the feature. Open the app then go to its Setting Menu to turn it off to prevent it from consuming memory and battery.

3.      Disable Certain Apps Some apps can consume power without your knowledge and it is best to disable them if not used regularly. Go to Settings > Applications > All > Select apps > Uninstall updates > Disable. You may also disable Google services you don't use to save data, memory and power.

4.      Manual Data Syncing Manual syncing of data can conserve a lot of power and you can do this by going to Settings > Accounts > Google > Synchronisation. In addition, you can also manage in-app auto syncing on Facebook and Twitter to prevent them from gathering data all the time. It also works with email clients such as Microsoft Exchange, default email and Gmail.

5.      Turn Off Wireless Connections Whenever you are finished using wireless connections, switch off the appropriate radios such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. It is also advisable to use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data if available for syncing data online.

6.      Location Services Android KitKat can manage Location Services to conserve more power. Go to Settings > Location > Turn it off. If you use the service at certain times, set the Mode to low accuracy to prevent huge power consumption.

7.      Stop Daydreaming Daydream is a fancy animation for Android devices but it can drain power if your device is not plugged in. Moreover, Daydream may slowdown the recharging time required and may even cause high temperature since it is a system process.

8.      Setting Up the Network Your Moto G may be using 3G as a default network setup so you can automatically browse better with mobile data. If you use Wi-Fi most of the time, set the network mode into 2G to save power. Go to Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Network Mode > 2G.

9.      Reboot Regularly Like any other smartphones, Moto G require some refresh time and it is recommended to reboot the device after every full recharge. Reboot can fix certain bugs, free memory on the RAM and display more accurate battery level.

10.  Power Boosters There are certain power boosters available at the Play Store to increase battery life.

a.      Clean Master: All-in-one battery saver, cache cleaner and antivirus app. It also features a set of toggles for Wi-Fi, flashlight and more which you can customise.

b.      Greenify: You can go advance to prevent apps from draining power. The app can set the device into hibernation to avoid system lags and power-eating services.


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