Moto 360 Price Speculations, Key Features, Strategic Release Date, Design: A Watch That is More Than Just Time

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A Motorola Mobility logo is seen on a screen at the public unveiling of their global headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, April 22, 2014. Reuters/Jim Young

The Moto 360 , Motorola's flagship smartwatch will soon be introduced to the new market - the tech-savvy wearable device consumers. According to leaks at the Google I/O the "summer" release date for the much-awaited watch carrying the Android Wear platform is confirmed, but no precise date yet.

Reports speculated that the Moto 360 's price will range from 270 AUD to as high as 367 AUD. If these figures are correct then Lior Ron's, (Vice-President of Product Management and Wearable Technology Lead of Motorola) estimation in an interview that the smartwatch will not be as pricey as Cartier is also true. Although it's rumoured cost is higher than the more recently introduced watches like Pebble Steel, LG's G Watch and Gear Live by Samsung, the Moto 360 promises features that will make-up for the bump in the tag price.

Speaking of features that will give the other smartwatches a run for thier money, the Moto G would have a sapphire glass display, a magnetic induction charging capability and an elegantly-designed round display timepiece. As several teaser images and videos leak , the Moto G will enable the user to receive and send messages or notifications, accept or reject phone calls from their paired smartphones, store notes, appointments and get directions using voice commands, connect to social media sites and of course , tell time. This state-of-the-art timepiece works best with smartphones run by Android L, Android 4.4 and 4.3.

In a statement made by Mr Ron, he said, "We set to create a balance of design and functionality. The trick for us was how to interact with that technology in a simple but super intuitive way."

Motorola chose a round-shaped display since most of the fashion watches today are circular in shape, this would make people easily associate the device as a modern watch. There will be two strap choices, either leather or metal. The display on and off button of the Moto 360 is situated at one side or the crown. This smartwatch is not waterproof but its manufacturer claim that it is water-resistant. 

Banking on revelations by none other than Motorola's VP for Product Management, the Moto 360 is an innovative timepiece which is not only comfortable to wear but also gives you needed information real-time.

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