Moto 360: Mother of All Smartwatches From Motorola; Noticeable Features, Comparison And Launch Date

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Moto 360 (Leather) from The Offical Motorola Blog
The Brand New "Moto 360" (Leather) from The Offical Motorola Blog The Offical Motorola Blog

You will be amazed at the first look of the Moto 360 smartwatch. When they said, "Design is intelligence made visible," Were they wrong?

Recently, there have been a bunch of smartwatches getting introduced to a lukewarm response. But here is Moto 360 from the backyard of Motorola and Google, exuding in style, elegance and richness. The right mix of Google's software and Motorola's hardware are always a pleasure to look out for.

Amazing Features And Design

Moto 360 has a "round" dial, which is a much required change from the regular "square" dials. It features "Ok Google" voice control integration with Google Now, so you can schedule appointments, send texts and even take a note, GSM Arena said. Also, Motorola is an early partner for Google's new Android Wear Smartwatch SDK, Techcrunch reported.

Motorola also released a less than 2 minutes video introducing their wearable device. You can take a look by clicking here.

The smartwatch hardware consists of subtle alerts and notifications, and Motorola is selling it as a premium high-end wearable, according to Techcrunch.

There are 2 wristband variants to choose from: leather and metal. 

Seamless Integration

Observing the video, Lance Ulanoff from Mashable said, "Even when Smartwatch wearers are speaking to Moto 360, they're not holding the watch close by their mouths, or to their ears to listen to its response."

When people see a smartwatch on the wrist, they should compliment the watch considering them as a regular watch and they should never discover that it is actually a smartwatch by simply looking at it. This is where seamless design comes into picture.

With his observation, it is clear that Motorola and Google took the regular but premium watches as their inspiration in concocting the wearable technology and the mechanical elegance of regular phones to give the users a power-pack of both worlds.

Launch Date

Moto 360 can be expected in a variety of styles and should launch this summer starting in the U.S. The smartwatch is designed in consideration of the fashion conscious crowd.

Moto 360 in Comparison to Samsung Gear And Pebble

The pioneers in the wearables sphere like Samsung Galaxy Gear and Pebble are still not up to the mark when it comes to the exterior design. Adding to the woe, they are large, solid and square. So Moto 360 might also give both Samsung and Pebble a run for their money.

What do you think of the new smartwatch?

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