Moto 360 Launched at Google I/O Event, Market Debut Late This Year

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Google employees show off the two different colors of the Moto smartwatch at the Google I/O developers conference on June 25, 2014.
Google employees show off the two different colors of the Moto smartwatch at the Google I/O developers conference in San Francisco June 25, 2014. The round smartwatch will be released in the coming months. REUTERS/Elijah Nouvelage

Google had three smartwatches to show off at the developer's conference - the Samsung Galaxy Gear Live, LG G Watch and the star of the trio, the Moto 360. Unfortunately, what pissed off many is the expected launch schedule of the Moto 360 which at around the end of the year was clearly not to the liking to all. As Sydney Morning Herald puts it, visitors would rather have the smartwatch right away.

If such is the craze for the Motorola smartwatch, it's not without reason either. First off, it is the looks which with its circular dial and brightly lit display have evoked an instant connect with consumers. According to The Verge, Motorola had asked kids to draw a watch. All of them had drawn watches with a circular design, which formed the basis of the Moto 360 design theme. What is liked even more of the Moto 360 is the edge to edge display it incorporates, except for a slight cut-off along the bottom. Motorola sources informed the dark portion houses the display elements and is unavoidable in spite of their best efforts. That notwithstanding, the display is just stunning to say the least.

The Moto 360 build quality is top notch too, imparting a high end feel to the watch. It's also slightly on the bigger side but stops short of being uncomfortable to wear. It's a tad thick but then again, it is also light. The Moto 360 is also the only watch with a circular face that Google launched at the I/O event. Both Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch incorporate a rectangular shape. The Moto 360 also comes in several attractive color options for the watch face and the wrist band.

Interestingly, Motorola is yet to come clean with the complete picture with the Moto 360 so far. During the Google event, Motorola was careful not to let the journos have a good look along the inner side of the smartwatch. However, for the brief moment that some had indeed managed to look inwards, there did seem to exist a series of perforations that Gizmodo claims could be hiding a heart rate sensor. Another nice aspect of the watch is that its screen remains off for most part but lights up the moment the wrist is held aloft for checking time. Nice touch indeed though we sure are keen to know everything else of the Moto 360.

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