Moto 360 Design Touched Upon in New Video

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Moto 360
IN PHOTO: A Google employee demonstrates the features of the Moto smartwatch at the Google I/O developers conference in San Francisco June 25, 2014. Reuters/Elijah Nouvelage

The Moto 360 is clearly one of the most awaited smartwatch right now, something that Motorola is all too keen to cash in on. Towards that, the company has launched a new video dedicated to the upcoming smartwatch, which according to Android Community is a ploy to generate more hype around the gadget than to share anything meaningful about the upcoming device.

The video almost entirely dwells upon the subject of a circular watch face that the Moto 360 employs. That's perhaps understandable for a smartwatch that is the only one right now to be based on a circular design theme. However, it is just this that has hooked on to potential buyers more than anything else, revealed PhoneDog. Many are even known to have withheld purchase of a smartwatch in spite of two Android Wear devices currently being available.

Both LG and Samsung have launched their versions of a smartwatch - the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live - though both employ a rectangular shape. Moto 360 project head Lior Ron argued in favor of the circular shape of the Moto 360 claiming this makes for a greater visible area. Whether that's true can be a topic of debate though there is no denying the fact that even with a bigger screen real estate as Ron believes they have at their disposal, there remains a dead screen region along the bottom of the Moto 360's display. None of such can be seen on either the Gear Live or the G Watch that Samsung and LG respectively have launched.

Ron further argued that with the Moto 360, they have carried forward the legacy of the conventional watches the majority of which has always used a circular watch face. People tend to identify watches more with a circular theme than anything else. Ron stated they tried to build up on that trend than trying out anything radical.

Meanwhile, we have already seen another smartwatch making good use of the conventional circular watch design theme, the Withings Activité. The gadget looks stunning to say the least, perhaps the watch equivalent of a fine piece of jewelry to be worn around the wrist.

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