Mother Kills 6 Babies: Dead Bodies Kept in Garage

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In one of the horrific incidents of this decade, a woman in Utah killed her six newborns and kept their bodies stored in boxes.

Megan Huntsman, reportedly the mother of the murdered babies, has been arrested for the horrendous crime. Apparently, Huntsman gave secretive birth to seven babies from 1996 to 2006. No one, including her estranged husband and three children, came to know about her pregnancy. She hid her pregnancy in such a clever manner that everyone thought she only gained a bit of weight.

The frightening discovery was made when Darren West, her estranged husband, found a body of tiny baby hidden in one of the boxes. He promptly called the police and later found the bodies of the other six babies. Huntsman has been charged with the murder of only six babies, as the seventh baby was stillborn.  

The horrific incident took place on April 13 when West found the dead body of the baby while cleaning his home garage in Pleasant Grove, Utah. 

State Judge Steven Hansen has decided $1 million dollar bail for each count of murder, making Megan's bail $6 million.

Darren and Megan have been separated for a long time and have one teenager and two young adults.

Megan's clandestine pregnancies allowed her to give birth to the babies without anyone's knowledge.  One of her neighbors revealed they thought she is having weight fluctuations but no one knew that she was carrying babies. 

Reportedly, Darren had spoken to one of the neighbors a few hours before the atrocious discovery.

The question, which comes to mind, is what led the mother kill her own children and what was her motive behind this. The police are still interrogating and investigating the case.

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