Mother Allowed Men to Rape 4-year-old Daughter for Free Alcohol

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Police arrested a mother who allegedly allowed a group of men to rape her 4-year-old daughter.

Seven people, including the mother, were arrested in Ireland for allegedly raping the child for a period of five years. The girl, now 10, gave a statement to detectives which led to the arrest of those people.

According to the South Dublin young girl of Lithuanian origin, her mother was responsible for allowing the group of men to indulge in sexually abusing her repeatedly since she was merely four. The sexual abuse allegedly went on for five years before it was exposed. Detectives questioned a couple of women that included the prime suspect, the mother of the girl.

According to security sources, the case can be considered as one among the worst cases of suspected child abuse officers have encountered in the career, The Irish Mirror reported. The source called the incident "horrific." The young girl has reportedly taken into care in 2013 by HSE. The girl claimed, while she had discussions with psychologists, she had repeatedly been abused for five years from the age of four to nine.

The child was under the custody of her mother when the abuse took place. She informed the Irish police force, GARDAI aka the Guardian of the Peace, that her mother took her to several houses where different men forced her into performing "horrific" acts of sex. It is, however, yet to be understood if there was any money involved in the mother's effort to get her child having sex with different men.

Even though the sexual abuse started when the girl was four, GARDAI believes that the worst abuses happened during the period when the girl was between six and nine. Seven people were arrested, among whom there were two women aged in 40s, while there were five men aged between 19 and 47. The Independent reported that the mother allowed her daughter to be raped not for money but for "free alcohol."

GARDAI is in the process of finding out if any sibling of the child went through similar abuse.

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