Most Wearable Trends For Summer 2014 - Because It's Never Too Late To Wear 'Em

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Summer Down Under is halfway through. But there's still some time to try out these fashion trends that can adapt from the office, to summer parties, or any other occasion. 

1. Pastel ColorsPastel colors are the official colors of spring and summer. Spring-Summer 2014 collections are no exception. What is the best part? You can pick the color that flatters you and wear it in any clothing you wish, be it in a party-ready dress, work-appropriate suit or casual cut-off shorts. Want to try the trend in a subtle way? Try pastel nail colors. 

2. Sporty ChicThe runway is littered with clothing items almost lifted off the sports arenas such as tennis skirts, shirt dresses, athletic stripes and so on. So if you're tired of your structured blazers and crisp shirts, let these sporty-chic items help you ease up your work wardrobe. 

3. Fifty Shades of Gray Pantone may have declared Radiant Orchid as the official color for 2014. But the erotic novel may have made its influence in the runway. Calvin Klein and Armani have gray-colored items in their collections, so why not follow suit and try gray instead of the usual black?

4. Wide-Leg Trousers Don't believe them when they tell you that wide-leg trousers are for six-footer models only. You can definitely rock them this summer - lean-flared, high-waisted pairs flatter anyone. Remember to contrast the billowy pants with a top that's fitted closer to the skin. 

5. Bomber And Boxy Jackets It may be hot outside but if you feel the need for a cover-up, why not try a jacket with a loose, boxier fit? Bomber jackets and those boxy types which are 'almost-but-not-quite-moto' jackets are on trend this season. s, it tempers the girliness of a dress or the stiffness of the white shirt and trousers combo. 

6. Nautical SwimmersIf you're looking for something to wear for your next beach holiday, look no further from nauticals. For a new twist on the classic theme, look for details other than the classic navy blue. How about a nautical striped swimsuit in cherry red or coral? Or rope print? Or suits with gold or silver buttons? 

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