The Most Useful iOS Apps for Android Users on June 10th

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When creating any password there are number of factors that need to be considered before going further. It is worth taking a precaution against hackers/virus/spams in order to play safe.According to the AgileBits team, one of the most reliable iOS password management apps, 1Password is now available for Android users.

After months of beta testing, users will be safer from the application starting June 10.

For Android system, the application is 1Password 4, the latest incarnation to the software. It is new and fully featured app for Android phones and tablets. Before August 1, all the features of the app will be unlocked and free for all users. Immediately after this date, the app will turn its reader mode on and would have price tags for apps in order to restore its full functionality.

What does 1Password do for Android

  • Holds web usernames and passwords

All the information that might be difficult to carry everywhere or difficult to remember like licenses, social security numbers, credit cards, software serial numbers, non-web account information etc. but requires to be kept safely. This safety precaution is taken by 1Password by storing the all the data and keeping them away from inquisitive eyes.

  • Locks data

All the data is stored and safely kept behind a user choice strong password or a 4 digit unlock code so that even if the device is stolen or misplaced, the 1Password information is safe.

  • Syncs safely and securely

Using the free Dropbox service, the mobile can be synced from 1Password for Mac and 1Password for Windows.

  • Syncing in Background

Even if the device is locked or another app is being used, the data will continue to sync in the background.

  • Copy and Paste

1Password helps in copying passwords into other applications or credit card numbers into web forms.

  • Support for Multi-Tasking

It is easy to automatically lock 1Password when switching to another app or set it to lock after a time-out.

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