The Most Searched Celebrity Nude Scandals of 2012: From Prince Harry to Kate Middleton [PHOTOS]

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December has begun which only means twenty days until the end of the world or a month before 2013. Before the year ends of course, here are a few celebrity nude scandals that rocked the big 2012. From the royals to Jersey Shore, here are the most searched celebrity nude scandals of 2012.

Everyone loves royalty. So much so, that even the royals' "royal jewels" are so sought out for. Well, thanks to a Las Vegas trip gone awfully wrong, Prince Harry had to suffer the wrath of the media with the release of photos showcasing his "royal balls."

By the looks of it, one member of the royal family exposing their privates was not enough. Weeks after Prince Harry was caught "hanging loose", her royal highness, Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton followed thereafter.

The princess was caught naked by perverted paparazzi trespassing private grounds during the royal couple's private escape. Thanks to the Queen and her mighty powers, the nude photos were taken of the web and publishing of the photos have been restricted.

From UK to US, next up is "90210's" Annalyne McCord who had unintentionally posted a twitpic of her naked upper torso. It was however too late for Annalyne to realize her mistake of a tweet. MTV star of "Sixteen and Pregnant", Jenelle Evans on the other hand intentionally sold off her naked photos to web tabloids in hopes of getting more money.

The teenage mom had also made things particularly steamy by posting before and after nude photos of her latest boob job. While Evans posted her latest boob job as a publicity stunt, it might not be the same thing for star, Christina Hendricks. Hendricks had allegedly posted a photo of her big jugs however reps of the star claimed they were fakes and not of Christina.

As for "Jersey Shore" star Snooki, "Twilight" Ashley Greene", "Glee" Heather Morris and "Gossip Girl's'" Blake Lively, these ladies were simply victims of hackers. Well, who in their right mind would even take photos of their naked selves and hope to god people wouldn't post them? Thankfully, "some" of the naked photos have already been swept clean off the web.

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