The Most Popular Free Flappy Bird Clones Games in Google Play Include Flying Beiber and Flying Cyrus (VIDEOS)

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It has been one month exactly since Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen pulled out the very popular online game Flappy Bird from the Google Play store.

Riding on the popularity of the game and with no risk of a lawsuit from Mr Nguyen, game makers rushed to make clones. Citing a report from Zedge, a company that analyses data from Google Play, since Feb 24, there are at least 864 Flappy Bird clones available online, reported Digital Trends.

That meant at least 70 Flappy Bird clones were released daily, Digital Trends estimated.

Of the 864, 24 per cent enjoy perfect ratings.

Here are the four most popular versions of Top Free Games in Google Play:

  • Clumsy Bird - Users customise the clothes worn by the bird, using different hats, coats and accessories. This 4-star rated game has over 440,000 votes.


  • Splashy Fish - Users avoid obstacles of a swimming bird fish and find treasures and trophies. It has an average rating of 3.75 and over 47,000 votes.


  • Flappy Wings - The aim is for the flying bird to catch spinning coins amid multiple coloured walls as background and a catchy soundtrack. Average rating is 4.5 stars and votes are over 6,400.


  • Floppy Bird Pro - Four types of medals (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) are available, based on increasing levels of difficulty. Average rating is 4 and votes are 9,300 plus.


Other versions include a Flappy Pipe which requires moving the pipes to avoid hitting the flying yellow bird, the Flying Stache which features a flying mustache that gets shaved when it gets too near electric razors and Flying Beiber where fans control the hard-headed Canadian pop star's face to avoid hitting it on obstacles.


Finally, there is Flying Cyrus which features a caricature of Miley Cyrus with her naughty tongue perennially out, while riding the wrecking ball.


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