Most Memorable Scenes From The Classic Movie, ‘Titanic’ [PHOTOS]


Whether you're a fan of the classic ship sinking film 'Titanic' or not, no one can deny how much it has brought great change to the history of film. It is known to be the second in the list of all highest grossing movies for all time, it is also to conquer the big screen once again in 3D format. 

The Flying Scene

Who would not forget the 'I'm Flying' scene where Rose climbs right into the bow of the gigantic ship and Jack spreads both her arms out as if they were flying. And yes, then the Celine Dion theme song resounds.

Rose Jumps Back Into The Boat

Everyone just cannot help but feel a pinch of romance in their hearts when Rose jumped right back into the boat just to be with Jack against all odds. 'You Jump, I jump!' Still remember those lines?

The Party

This is where the scene of the rotating camera as Jack and Rose party with the lowest class of people on the boat.

The Real Sink

The actual sinking scene would all make it worth it if this would be given much emphasis and highlight in its newest 3D format.

Now James Cameron can also shout out loud that he is the 3D king of the world, not to mention he is also the brainchild behind the hit 'Avatar' which was also featured in the same advanced format.

Check out the most memorable scenes from the movie in the slideshow featured!



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