Most Famous Singing Brothers & Sisters In The Industry [PHOTOS]


Singing teams amongst families end up to be very effective since these are the people whom you get to spend most of your childhood days with.

Playing harmonious music together is truly fun, especially when you get to start jamming together within the comforts of your own home.

Today, we feature some of the most popular singing brothers and sisters who have established names for themselves in the music industry.

Kings of Leon is a band that has enjoyed the number one spot in various music charts since the time they were officially introduced as a professional group. They are all brothers from Nashville and have been keeping a lot of fans mesmerized with their southern rock sound. Three of them are brothers (Cameron, Ivan and Anthony) while the other one is Michael, their cousin.

Angus and Julia Stone is a Sydney-based duo who have been sharing their music since 2006. It was their father who first introduced them to music when they both joined their dad's school band.

The Corrs was a major hit in the 90's until the year 2006 when three of them decided to concentrate on raising their families. The lead singer, Andrea, pursued a solo career even without the band. They were referred to as a band who offers sparkling harmonies of music.

Michael and Janet Jackson. Who would not know these superstars? No one would surely forget the late King of Pop's collaboration with his sister Janet to come up with the song entitled 'Scream.' It remains one of the most memorable videos ever made by the two.

Check out the rest of those who made it in this list in the slideshow!


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