Most Beloved Robin Williams Characters

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Robin Williams, one of this generation's most brilliant comic actors, died August 11 at age 63 in a suspected suicide after a long struggle with depression. The renowned actor and comic genius left behind a legacy of remarkable films and beloved movie characters which he had portrayed in the span of his career.

As the entire world mourns the passing of this beloved actor and great artist, let's take a look back at the most beloved characters Robin Williams had brought to life.  

1. Mork ("Mork and Mindy," 1978-1982)

    Mork, the alien from the planet Ork who came to earth to study human behavior, introduced Robin Williams and his brand of hyper comedic energy to the American audiences. He was known to ad lib so well with his lines that the producers deliberately left gaps in the script so Robin Williams could improvise.

    2. Mrs. Doubtfire/Daniel Hillard ("Mrs. Doubtfire," 1991)

      Robin Williams played Daniel Hillard, a man who chose to masquerade as a buxom British nanny in order to spend more time with his kids and win back his wife from Pierce Brosnan. Mrs. Doubtfire cemented America's love for Robin Williams and it became the second-highest- grossing film that year. A sequel was set to be made in 2015.

      3. Genie ("Aladdin," 1992)

        Robin Williams first turned down the role of Genie, but eventually accepted it when he saw a clip of Genie doing his own stand-up routine and made him laugh. The jokey blue Genie was a great hit with the kids and the parents. His performance warranted a nomination for Best Supporting Actor in the 1993 Academy Awards, but it was turned down because he only voiced Genie.

        4. John Keating ("Dead Poets Society," 1989)

          Possibly his most iconic role, Robin Williams played an unorthodox, fun-loving English teacher who inspired his students to a love of poetry and challenged them to seize the day.

          5. Dr. Sean Maguire ("Good Will Hunting," 1997)

            In this film, Robin Williams kept his eccentricities in check and took on a subtler supporting role. He played Dr. Sean Maguire, a psychologist who helped a math prodigy overcome his anger and find direction in his life. Robin won an Oscar for this supporting role.

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