Most Australians Already Done With Their 2012 Christmas Shopping – Survey

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Now in no relation at all to the December 21, 2012 Mayan doomsday countdown deadline, but a survey into Australians' shopping habits relative to the Christmas season revealed most if not all have already purchased gifts to give this month.

As expected, it is the female bracket of the Australian population who reported doing early shopping, perhaps as early as in the second quarter of the year, for gifts that are meant to be disposed in the last month of the year, according to the survey of E-tailer Grays.

Of the 4,181 Australians included in the survey, 59 per cent said they have been "progressively purchasing gifts throughout the year to avoid the last minute rush."

When rounded up as to who is more organised with their Christmas shopping, the females far outweighed their male counterparts, at 63 per cent versus to only 56 per cent of the latter population already done with their shopping.

This means this month's Christmas marketing blitzes of retailers will most likely attract more male shoppers than female ones. According to the survey, 14 per cent of those survey in the male population are expected to flood department stores to do some last minute Christmas Eve shopping, compared to only 5 per cent of their counterparts.


What happens when one receives an unwanted gift? Some 27 per cent of those surveyed admitted they would re-gift the item, thinking it could be of better use to somebody else.

While others would just say nothing, accept the gift and keep it in stock storage for next year's season revelry, 6 per cent admitted they would request the gift giver for the receipt so they can get a refund. Still, a 10 per cent bracket would still request for an exchange of the item from where is was bought, even in the absence of a receipt.

Of all the Australian states, the survey discovered those living in WA are the most fond of re-wrapping and re-gifting, at 29 per cent, followed by NSW at 24 per cent.

And just in case you're one of those who still have got no idea what to give to your Australian loved ones and friends, the survey intimated 83 per cent of Aussies prefer receiving one valuable gift over 100 little knick knacks that they will most likely never use.

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