Most Admired, Hot Aussie Hunks [PHOTOS]


Australia is not just filled with a lot of sexy actresses for the guys will surely not allow to be left out. The land Down Under has so many hunks to be proud of and who have all made a mark in the local and Hollywood scene.

Here we feature the most admired and hot Aussie hunks we can think of and feel free to add up to the list if you have other names in mind.

Classic names that will forever have a spot on this list would be Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe. Both are not just physically sexy, but are considered as responsible dads as well. Crowe chooses to donate his brain when his death comes and when his wife became pregnant with their first child, he gave up drinking.

Hugh Jackman on the other hand has always dreamed of being a chef on board a plane as a kid. Not many know that his own stunt double for movies like 'X-Men' and 'Van Helsing' was his very own brother-in-law. He deeply admired Olivia Newton-John when he still a kid that he even kisses her poster every day.

Of the modern days, Aussie names that deserve to be on this list include Simon Baker, Ryan Kwanten, the Hemsworth brothers, and the 'Avatar' actor Sam Worthington.

If you are curious enough to see pictures of these gorgeous men from Australia, then check out the slideshow!


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