Mortal Kombat X Release Date Update, New Characters and Fatalities

By @binibiningkd on

"Mortal Kombat X" appears to be the goriest and most brutal entry in this arcade fighter series set to launch in 2015 as Amazon recently released a listing of the game, which contained the release date.

According to Gamer Headlines, YouTube username "Maximilian Dood" uploaded a game review of "Mortal Kombat X," and mentioned two characters that are hinted to join the game's roster, Ermac and Smoke.

Meanwhile, here are some of the Mortal "Kombat X" finishing moves, which can be used to decrease opponent's life bar to zero, popularly known as fatalities.

Scorpion - The undead ninja spectre with trusty sword, hellfire and spears has a fatality that involves summoning a fireball and blasting a hole in the opponent's chest. The victim's heart will drop in the centre of the gaping hole, then falls into his knees and Scorpion finishes with a sword slice to the neck.

Sub-Zero - Sub-Zero is Scorpion's eternal rival who has the ability to control ice to a great effect. His fatality consists of punching the chest of his opponent, which causes the area to freeze and allows him to punch a hole exposing the opponent's spine. He grabs the spine, freezes and splits it and then he lifts the fighter into the air where he splits the opponent in half.

Cassie Cage - The legacy fighter, Cassie Cage has fatality that begins with her  taking out her handgun and shooting both of her opponent's knees, which causes them to fall to their knees. Then she shots the opponent in the head, which causes blood to gush from the bullet hole. Then she walks to her defeated opponent and puts her chewing gum into the hole, and the gushing blood pops a bubble before they fall dead.

D'vorah - D'Vorah is an insect-based fighter who destroys opponents by projecting her insects into the fighter's body and punches two holes in their body. She then tosses them at their face which allows the insects to devour the skin and muscle leaving only a skull. The skull falls off the body and rolls to D'Vorah, who promptly stomps on the skull.

Ferra and Torr - The duo fighters' fatality involves Ferra holding their opponent while Torr stabs them in the forehead before flipping over them and going down their back with his claws still inside them. Ferra then easily splits the downed fighter in half and tosses the pieces to the floor.

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