Mortal Kombat X Confirmed with Kano, New Fatality, Story Modes and Console Exclusive Characters


Most of the new updates that fans have gotten for "Mortal Kombat X" have been new characters, such as the confirmation of Kano as part of the roster of fighters in NetherRealm Studios' latest game.

Seen in the trailer below, Kano is seen in all his brutal glory, particularly in taking out D'vorah with his new cybernetics in gear. Ed Boon, creative head of the studio, revealed that in the "Mortal Kombat X" storyline, he will be older and have deadlier gear divided into the three types of variations.

But this isn't to say that "Mortal Kombat X" is all about reviving old characters. Considering the progression of the story 25 years after the MK9 game, there will be quite a lot of additions.

In an interview with IGN, Boon revealed some new details about the title. First is the fact that D'vorah, the new fighter in the roster, as well as the fall of Kotal Khan in the previous game, will both play major roles in "Mortal Kombat X."

More than just playing chapters, Boon also revealed the possibility of jumping from time to time, with flashbacks possibly being playable as the story goes on. This will allow for the incorporation of quite a number of characters, as promised by the studios.

"A lot of the new characters are those that came into power after MK9. Kotal Khan is one of them. I won't give away the story, but a lot of these characters come in and out of power over the course of the story," Boon said in an interview with IGN.

"A lot of old faces won't make the roster, but to us it was more important we did introduce new characters. We're probably introducing more in this game than in any other MK title ever."

But that does not mean that you will never have the chance to see your favourite character in the event that they don't make the cut. Boon had also confirmed that there will be post-launch DLCs, and it's almost sure that the characters can come to the game through these expansions.

One way to compensate for those who will be missing the old characters is the anticipation of a new Fatality that will be a reincarnation of an Old Fatality type, according to PlayStation Lifestyle.

"We had the Friendship moves, Brutality moves and all of these crazy things over the years. We are going to be reinstating an 'Ality' from a previous game into 'Mortal Kombat X.' and I can't wait to be able to talk about it but at the moment, I can't," Boon said in an interview quoted by PlayStation Lifestyle.

Not only that, iDigital Times reports that there will also be some console-exclusive characters. What's interesting here is that other characters outside of the "Mortal Kombat X" game can be part of the roster, and this could be one of the possibilities for the console-exclusive characters. However, this is the most that Boon would reveal for "Mortal Kombat X."

Given the restriction on even Boon himself, "Mortal Kombat X" fans have a lot to look forward to with the latest game, as it's shaping up to be a merging of the old and new in all the glory of both angles.

"Mortal Kombat X" featuring Kano (Credit: YouTube/Game Rant Trailers)

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