'The Mortal Instruments' Movie: Five Reasons Why It Isn't a 'Twilight' Rip Off [PHOTOS]

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Film critics who have seen "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" insist that the movie adapted from Cassandra Clare's best-selling novels is a "Twilight" rip-off. For starters, Lily Collins who plays the lead protagonist Clary Fray isn't a high school student eternally obsessed with a sparkling vampire. Other than that, here are five reasons why "The Mortal Instruments" is not a "Twilight" rip-off.

Cassandra Clare's best-selling novels, "The Mortal Instruments" certainly got the attention of the world with its story involving angels, demons, vampires, fairies and werewolves. In a world hidden within our own, it's not surprising why a lot of "Harry Potter" fans had gotten hooked on the novels. Though not all seemed pleased with the film, despite the $3 million earnings on its debut date some critics hated the film and had even dubbed it a "Twilight" wannabe.

Well, vampires do play a part in the film but they certainly aren't what the story revolves around. Clary Fray, played by Lily Collins, isn't the ordinary high school teenager unlike Isabella Swan of "Twilight." Add to the fact, Clary isn't obsessed with a vampire like Edward Cullen but with a "Shadowhunter" named Jace Wayland played by Jamie Campbell Bower.

Also, Clary isn't one to run away from danger. While Bella had to depend on the Cullens for survival, Clary Fray had her own abilities to depend on to live. Who could ever forget how she "almost" killed a demon for "City of Bones?"

The comparisons certainly don't end there. Check out the slideshow to see more reasons why "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" is NOT a "Twilight" rip-off.

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