'The Mortal Instruments' Lily Collins VS 'Vampire Academy' Zoey Deutch: Who's the Better Heroine? [PHOTOS]

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Emma Watson of "Harry Potter" and Kristen Stewart of "Twilight" may have finally met their suitable replacements in Lily Collins and Zoey Deutch. Both Lily and Zoey star as kick-ass heroines for separate film adaptations. Of course, who is the better heroine between "The Mortal Instruments" and the "Vampire Academy" star?

Countless vampire flicks and nephilim films have made it to the big screen in the hopes of beating "Twilight" and "Harry Potter." So far, "Hunger Games" and the "Girl on Fire", played by Jennifer Lawrence, has been a worthy film heroine joining the ranks of "Potter" and "Twilight." Now, it appears as if two new worthy film heroines join the ranks as well.

Lily Collins of "The Mortal Instruments" and Zoey Deutch of "Vampire Academy" are two women no one would want to mess with. With regards to their film counterparts, both are halves but halves that definitely don't finish the job half-*ssed.

Collins plays the character of Clary Fray in "TMI: City of Bones", a half-angel and half-human. Clary Fray is thrust into a world where she is sworn to protect the human race and fellow "Shadowhunters" from the likes of downworlders, vampires, werewolves, fairies and warlocks.

On the other hand, Deutch plays the character of Rose Hathaway in "VA: Blood Sisters", a half-vampire and half-human. Rose Hathaway is sworn by blood to protect her "blood sister", Lissa Dragomir played by Lucy fry, a Moroi Vampire Queen.

Given their characters have an impressive blood line, who can kick-ass better between Lily Collins and Zoey Deutch? As for similarities, both their film counterparts have vampires for best friends. If these two would come together, they would certainly be good friends than enemies. Check out the slideshow to see more of Collins and Deutch of the upcoming film adaptations, "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" and "Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters."

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