'The Mortal Instruments' Lily Collins a 'Good Influence' on Zac Efron [PHOTOS]

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Days after a successful rehabilitation, Zac Efron was spotted out and about with "The Mortal Instruments" star, Lily Collins. The two were linked back in February 2012 but called it off a few months after due to their busy schedules. It looks as if however that things have heated once more between the former lovers but Efron claims Lily is nothing more than a "good friend" with "good influences."

Following the shocking news of Zac Efron's rehabilitation, a number of fans rushed to social networking sites to proclaim their support and love for the "High School Musical" star. On the other hand, "The Lucky One" has indeed been lucky after his rehabilitation. Zac has been spending his time with his family.

"My family is my rock," stated Zac in an interview with Entertainment Wise, adding, "I know they're not going anywhere [and] more and more, I've come to rely on my little brother to keep me grounded."

"And I know my family's always going to be there, but then there's also as life changes sometimes they can't really be there for you in the way that you need, so I rely on my friends," continued Efron.

Other than his family, Zac has been spotted out with a few good friends one of which includes his ex-girlfriend, Lily Collins. The pair was spotted together last weekend which sparked rumours that the two are dating once again. However, Zac was quick to clear the rumours stating that he is still single.

As for Collins, Zac claims she's been the good friend even after their split. The pair is simply hanging out and nothing romantic is going on between the two.

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