'The Mortal Instruments' Lily Collins a Big Fan of Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence [PHOTOS]

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"The Mortal Instruments" Lily Collins is definitely a fan of the big three film franchises in Hollywood namely "Harry Potter", "Twilight" and "Hunger Games." Not only is Lily a fan of the films but she admires the leading female stars of the film. Collins is every bit the fan of Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson.

If fans of "The Mortal Instruments, "Hunger Games", "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" are at each other's' throats, expect that their films' lead female stars aren't. Obviously, Lily Collins, Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence are good friends in the big world that is Hollywood.

Not only is Lily Collins a big "Potterhead" but she's a big fan of Emma Watson too. In an interview with Glamour magazine, Lily revealed her biggest obsession was "Harry Potter" and that she would have loved to play Hermione Granger.

"Harry Potter & shoes!" the star replied. "I'd love to play Hermione in the films but Emma [Watson] did such a great job," stated Collins.

Emma Watson isn't the only star Lily Collins admires because in her interview with Seventeen magazine, Collins revealed she also admires "Twilight's" Kristen Stewart and "Hunger Games'" Jennifer Lawrence.

"I admire how they've both handled the fame that came with those roles and their ability to step outside those roles and do other projects," stated Collins, adding, "That's what I want to do - balance fun big movies with gritty passion projects I love."

Now, all that's left is for these four girls to meet up and have one book fest talking about their film characters and more. Well, Emma Watson and Lily Collins might have already talked about all things film and fashion during the Coachella 2013.

Check out the slideshow to see fan art photos of Lily Collins along with Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart.

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