Morgue Rejects Corpse for Being Too-fat

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Hedland Health Campus rejects a 200-kilogram corpse for being too fat.

The corpse was brought to the morgue by Joanne Cummings, the co-owner of Pilbara Funeral Services in Port Hedland.

Cummings was then forced to store the body in her car overnight, spending three tanks of petrol while checking on the corpse every 30 minutes. She just left the air conditioning running as she was left with nothing to do but to drive two hours back home with the corpse, until the morgue come up with the alternative storage for it.

Hedland Health Campus told her it does not have the proper equipment to store corpse that big.

"It's a load of crap ... I could probably put a baby elephant in one of those fridges and it'd fit through the door, and they're refusing entry for a human being. My issue is if that was your father, mother, partner ... you wouldn't want them refused entry into the mortuary," Cummings told the North West Telegraph.

Cummings revealed that the campus had also refused to accommodate a 250-kilogram corpse in 2013.

"[A staff member] walked out and looked at this gentleman in the back of the car and said: 'He's too fat, he can't go in the fridge'. You can't say things like that. Imagine if this was your mother," Cummings said.

In defence of the Hedland Health Campus, Ron Wynn, the regional director of the WA Country Health Service said that the campus was only allowed to take bodies up to 150 kilograms.

Wynn, however, said that the campus is now looking for ways to improve its equipment in order to accommodate bodies of as much as 300 kilograms.

"Staff will meet with the Pilbara Funeral Services to develop a formal agreement for receiving and storing deceased persons at Hedland Health Campus. It is imperative that at all times a deceased person is treated with the utmost care and respect and viewings are arranged so as not to cause distress and inconvenience to grieving families," Wynn said.

Cummings had temporarily stored the body inside a sea container with a chiller.

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