More Males Becoming Victims to Violent Sexual Assaults

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More males are becoming victim of violent sexual assaults. According to the New Zealand Police, in the past five years, the number of such type of sex assaults have jumped to 710 from 480.

The increase is about 50 per cent, while for female victims, the hike is by about 33 per cent.

Authorities partly explain the big jump to more victims finding the confidence to open up about their experience. Previously, male victims kept silent because of fear, shame and belief they could be blamed.

Ken Clearwater, national manager of Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust, said the big change in attitude toward males as victims of sexual violence, particularly among police, noting that two or three years ago, men who complain of being victims of that type of crime would have been laughed out of the police station.

He said that half of the survivors had women as their tormentors.

Because of the trauma, some of the victims turned to substance abuse or suicide.

A number of the victims are young boys, who have recently grouped together to secure treatment for the trauma, mostly under the hands of paedophile William Goad.

Others are victims of the military.


The group has also been working with Steve Bevan of the Adult Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse which has over 23 years experience of conducting workshops globally with male survivors.

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