More than Food: Rob Kardashian's Excess Weight from Abuse of Alcohol and Xanax

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Aside from food, Rob Kardashian's excess weight can be attributed to his abuse of alcohol and Xanax, which he takes to contain his depressive symptoms. His sister, Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kanye West is also making his conditions worse. Instead of being in a rehab being treated for his depression, he has to make a very public appearance for his sister, ensuring that he be picked on by the media and its harsh scrutiny.

It has been reported that Khloe Kardashian shed tears for his brother while on her jet trip to Paris for this big wedding, not only because she's very concerned about his brother letting go of his control over his weight, but because the media will not stop poking fun at Rob's weight. She said she'll take a piss on each news press in town if she could. 

Being poked fun of is the least of Rob's concerns. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Rob's ballooning weight is linked to possible mental health concerns that he has. Rob is said to be depressed for months now, and taking alcohol and Xanax was his way of coping. He was already in the process of recovering but his recovery is stalled because he is forced to make public appearances again. Harsh critics are making him more depressed than ever, and leading him to abuse alcohol and Xanax more.

Even though alcohol and prescribed Xanax in moderation can keep the depressive symptoms at bay, Radar Online reported that Rob is abusing both to keep himself from cracking under pressure.

Although Khloe Kardashian certainly showed her love and concern for her brother Rob's predicament, reports claimed that being part of the Kardashian clan is not helping Rob's recovery. Kris Jenner talking to Rob about his weight actually needs to be featured in national TV, which can cause more harm than good.  Rob may be buckling under pressure to lose weight and look like the rest of his family, toned and perfect. Ironically, the struggle to look perfect and fit is exactly the reason why his weight keeps ballooning. His whole family being too busy with his sister, Kim's wedding and shopping at Paris is also depriving him of the attention he really needs. 

Reports also claimed that because Rob Kardashian refuses to see a problem with his weight, he cannot embrace the need to lose it. He will not admit that he has any sort of major health issues, preferring to think that more time in the gym and some therapy are all that he needs. 

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