MORE DETAILS! Kristen Stewart’s Ex, Robert Pattinson Hottest and Happy Looks on 'Maps to the Stars' Set; Reuniting with Film Crew Brunette He Kissed in Toronto?

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After a busy and fun Friday, Kristen Stewart’s ex, Robert Pattinson, managed to look his gorgeous self, as his fans described him, when he returned on set of David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars on Saturday, Aug 17. Is the thought of being reunited to the film crew member he kissed in Toronto making him happier these days?

The British actor, known best for his role as Edward Cullen in Twilight Saga, has illuminated the set of MTTS during its filming at the Union Station in Los Angeles over the weekend. Ditching the red beanie he wore at the Bobby Long concert at The Troubadour Friday, Aug16, Rob came to the set in suit, looking handsome and cheerful as he was all smiles while talking to the film crew.

Rob walked in in black-and-white suit and dark sunglasses. The actor embodies a man of confidence as he strutted to the set which has made his fans talking.

A fan observed, “Rob is looking so confident and at home on the set . He is smiling his wide smile and talking to the crew . He really loves working with DC.”

Fans can’t wait to see him in the big screen, judging by what they see in him while filming.

“Rob is looking seriously hot in these set pics ! He is going to totally slay us with his hotness on the big screen !” the fan noted.

Another wrote, “There is something very nice about seeing Rob wearing a suit and the top button undone.”

Eagle-eyed Twihards noticed something new with Rob since he was last spotted at the L.A. hospital. It’s his hair. While he was sporting a noticeably grown hair since he shaved them for The Rover in March 2013, Rob indeed looked like he just had his trademark locks trimmed for the Saturday shoot.

Jspattzfan: “Good to see him back on set. It looks like he's had a little trim since the hospital visit on the 16th.”

The fans also debated if his dapper suit was a designer one, knowing full well that he can pull one from his closet.

jaycee12: “Very much so :-) I am wondering if this is Gucci or Dior.... MariaUK: “ It fits well which usually means gucci on Rob but highly unlikely lol probably just a generic black suit that looks oh so good :-D”

But judging by the role he plays in the Cronenberg drama, they all agreed that it may not be a Mark & Spencer, either. Rob plays an aspiring actor in the Maps to the Stars, who tries to find a break in Hollywood and working as a limo driver in between.

MariaUK: “ I´m not sure if it would be a designer suit as his character is only dreaming of fame yet...”

Lboogie whence: “ I agree ... it doesn't look designer to me, but with a simple black suit it's often hard to tell. Plus, unless he brought one of his own suits I doubt it would be designer, since Cronenberg never really has a huge budget to work with.”

Whatever he was wearing, they all agree that Rob looked great. And to see him talk to the crew before the shoot, makes Twifans adore him even more.

drabrasil jaycee12: "...and I love to see him talking and chatting with the crew...this is what made the difference ... this is why all of them like to work with him. I think they all refers to it as ''down to earth guy."

But was Rob really smiling at the prospect of being looked after by the still unidentified film crew from the Maps to the Stars, who was identified by ET Canadian edition as the brunette Rob passionately kissed while out having dinner with co-star Mia Wasikowska and boyfriend, Jesse Eisenberg, on July 23, 2013.

The unnamed woman was initially thought of David Cronenberg’s daughter, Caitlin. But a fan of the actor noted that the woman with her back facing the camera, and snapped facing Jesse and Mia was Caitlin.

The mystery woman remains as such to date. But if she’s the one making Rob this happy, she’s doing a great job.

Reports claim that Rob still loves Kristen Stewart and he misses her like crazy even after his move to Beverly Hills. The actor rented a $3.5-million house in a gated community in Beverly Hills where Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera had once lived. The place is nine miles away from Kristen, and reports noted he moved away from Los Feliz to forget his girlfriend of four years.

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