More Concept Photos of Samsung Galaxy S5, Aluminum Black and 64 GPU Cores

By @peevesky on

Samsung's Galaxy S5 will not hit stores until 2014 but the hype over it has been building. With competitors like Sony and Motorola offering and introducing impressive Android-based tablets, people wonder if Samsung can retain its position as the number one handset manufacturer today. 

According to sources, the new Samsung S5 will highly likely feature an all aluminum case. According to this concept photo, the Galaxy S5 could sport a 16-megapixel S camera. The camera features 6x lossless zoom and optical image stabilization functions. This can be a heavenly device for many photograph aficionados. 

The device also features support for additional lens. The impressive feature about this concept is that the camera can absorb 10 times more the light. This allows users to capture high quality low light images. Likewise, given Samsung can really incorporate this feature, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be one of the best camera smartphones on the market. 

The back is made of waterproof aluminum cover. As for the front design, it is similar to HTC One's appearance. 

Another noteworthy spec is the 5-inch Full HD Super AMOLED Plus display with improved pixel organization compared to the Galaxy 4. Other details include new TouchWiz fresh gestures, 2 GHz 8 core Exynos 6 with 64 GPU cores for CPU, 4GB RAM, 64GB internal memory and less memory usage. The smartphone has 4G LTE and 5G support. 

The device offers a wireless charging option for users. It is thin at only 7mm and light at 120g. This concept of the Galaxy S5 according to Bob Freking uses 4000 mAh battery. It will come in a Google Edition. The interface is at Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. 

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