More Beach Vacations for Robert Pattinson, 'Twilight' Actor Drops Out of Saddam Hussein Thriller

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Juggling his work and personal life is taking a toll on Robert Pattinson.  This is why the "Twilight" star has decided to let go of one interesting project, the Saddam Hussein thriller entitled "Mission: Blacklist." It 's a pity because Robert Pattinson is certainly one of the casts that many would watch out for.

Robert Pattinson has projects lined up left and right. He also has a lot of personal commitments and drama to deal with. Is he or is he is not still with Kristen Stewart? Regardless of the answer to that controversial question, Robert Pattinson already has two films, appearing  in two films already at Cannes 2014, showing how busy the actor was for the past months. He is set to appear at the Cannes 2014- David Cronenberg's "Maps To The Stars" and David Michod's "The Rover." His already-completed bucket list achievement includes working with Werner Herzog ("Queen of The Desert"), Anton Corbijn ("Life") and his to-do list includes acting for stars like James Gray ("Lost City Of Z"), James Marsh ("Hold on to Me") and director/actor Brady Corbet ("The Childhood of a Leader").

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the actor to decide to drop out of the Saddam Hussein thriller: "Mission Blacklist." The movie is a true to life psychological thriller, the stony of military interrogator Eric Maddox while being on the hunt for the Iraqi leader. The movie covers all the events leading up to him uncovering the whereabouts of the once-controversial and scary leader in a spiderhole in Tikrit. While it is really interesting to see Robert Pattinson as part of this exciting movie, him deciding to prioritize his well-being is a good decision.

The script for this Saddam Hussein thriller is penned by the "Band Of Brothers" writer and producer Erik Jendresen. In addition, the movie is set to be directed by the Swedish filmmaker Jesper Ganslandt. With or without goold ol' Robert Pattinson, the movie is bound to attract millions of moviegoers, especially those who want to know the details leading up to the enigmatic state leader's arrest.

Having just wrapped Corbijn's "Life" alongside Dane DeHaan, Pattinson also did not have enough time to prepare for his demanding role on this thriller. Dropping out of the movie instead of doing a lousy job of it is a wise choice. Because the project is intriguing and interesting, a replacement for Pattinson is not going to be that far behind. 

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