More ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Details Teased on the Batmobile, New Villain and Voice Actor Coming In

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New screenshots have been flooding the official Batman Arkham Facebook page, where the latest Rocksteady game, "Batman: Arkham Knight," is currently enjoying its teasers.

Some of the new screenshots include The Dark Knight gliding over the Gotham City skyline, which is a promised feature for the upcoming game, the confirmation that Riddler will be doling more of his insane engineering to pit his power against the Batmobile, and the most recent being a shot of Batman with China Town, Gotham North behind him.

"China Town, Gotham North. A hotbed of crime and decadence, lit by the glowing neon of seedy casinos and short-stay hotels. Tonight, the Batman has business here," according to the caption over at the Batman Arkham Facebook page.

If that's not enough, there's also a teaser shot of the Batmobile, in its blazing glory. The Batmobile is particularly interesting in that it is one of the highlights for the final installment of the Arkham game series from Rocksteady.

In a previous interview over at the PlayStation Blog, game director Sefton Hill has detailed three main highlights of the Batmobile. The first is that it's an unstoppable piece of work--so you can easily blast a hole through a concrete wall or statue with the Batmobile.

There's also the gliding and grappling movement, where you can easily eject from the Batmobile and go on glide mode, so you can go farther in the air with better momentum and faster speed.

Finally, the Batmobile provides instant access to players with a single push of a button--in the case of the PS4, you only need to press L1--and you can expect the Batmobile to get to your side in an instant.

Looking at the Arkham Knight: Origin Revealed

Another interesting factor for "Batman: Arkham Knight" is the new titular villain, Arkham Knight. It's already known that he is an original villain who will debut in this particular installment of the game.

In an interview with Play-Mag, producer Dax Ginn has detailed how they decided to come up with the Arkham Knight as the ultimate enemy for Batman's ultimate face-off. If the Riddler had tested Batman's wits and Two-Face has reflected Batman's tragic childhood, the developers thought that they needed someone who matched Batman in terms of power and combat.

"Combat is such a significant part of the game for us, so we wanted a villain that could really challenge him very physically, so the Arkham Knight was conceived with that gameplay idea in mind," said Ginn to Play-Mag.

"The first thing we did with him was to develop what's his role in the story, how does he genuinely challenge Batman in a way that he's never been challenged before, and then we pitched all of that to DC comics and then collaborated with them on the look of him and to design his aesthetic so that it's representative of the function and purpose that he fulfills in the game."

Ginn does promise one thing: fans will love the Arkham Knight and the same pretty much goes for the overall game itself. Rocksteady did create the name for the Arkham game series, and with this being the final take and final episode to close the franchise, it's something worth expecting on the next-gen.

Voice Actor Coming In: Jensen Ackles Rumoured?

Aside from veteran Kevin Conroy, who will be reprising his role as Bruce Wayne in "Batman: Arkham Knight," a new name has appeared in the form of Jensen Ackles.

Gameranx has picked up this tidbit via YouTube user JaeRoar, who apparently has spotted the listing via IMDB. While there has been no confirmation for Ackles' role in "Batman: Arkham Knight," he's not a newbie in the superhero world or voice acting either, as he has already lent his voice to Jason Todd in the animated movie Under the Red Hood. And if it's worth anything, he has also had a stint in the TV series "Smallville," though he didn't play a superhero role.

Check out the video below, which actually provides a few more speculations about the Arkham Knight's identity.

Possible identity of the Arkham Knight? (via YouTube/JaeRoar)

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