More Asus K009 and Google Nexus 7.2 Info Leak, Rumors on Release Date, 4G LTE and More Specs

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Google Nexus 7, a device manufactured under Asus, gave the market one of the best surprises yet. Released just July of last year, it took the industry by storm. Rumor has it that the next installment of the Nexus series will come out this July.

A number of names have sprung as to what the new Nexus will be called. Some rumored names include Nexus 7.2 and Nexus 7 2 and even Asus K009 when FCC listed a new device. Things seem to have quieted down as people wait for a few more days before the actual device comes out. Nonetheless, it is worth taking a look back to see the anticipated specs of the device.

Firstly, speculations still peg the product to be at an affordable price. There were also suggestions that Google will be releasing a 4G LTE version through the top three mobile carriers in the United States. LTE versions in other countries are still unsure.

Just last week, people spotted an ASUS tablet filing under the FCC. The device was linked to the new Nexus. The filed device reportedly has 4G LTE capacities unlike the first Nexus Installment. The filing also showed that Nexus 7.2 went through tests for several LTE bands including 2, 4, 5, 13 and 17. T-Mobile uses band 4, Verizon uses band 13 and AT&T uses band 17.

As the rumor has it, top carriers in the United States will be offering a 4G LTE version of the new Nexus 7. Sprint is using LTE band 25 so it might be impossible for the carrier to offer Nexus 7.2 yet.  Other rumors include a 1080p display which could result to a higher price point.

There are also speculations saying the device will run on a Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor, a front and rear camera each shooting at 5 megapixels. Nexus will also be running on the latest Android Jelly Bean update. Google Nexus 7.2 will hit markets around mid-July.

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