More Apple iPhone 6 Images and Specs Leaked: What Will the Next iPhone Look Like?

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The market has been curious for some time now about Apple’s iPhone 6. Reports and rumours about the specs of the device have been surfacing non-stop. More interesting are the set of leaked photos that came up. Reports claim Apple’s iPhone 6 will feature two display sizes: 4.7 and 5.5 inches. Unlike the glass or plastic cutouts previously associated with the upcoming device, it seems the next Apple smartphone will have an aluminium body. What will the next iPhone look like?

Samsung will be announcing the Samsung Galaxy S5 this Feb 24. This means all eyes are also on its biggest competitor, Apple. According to reports, Apple will be announcing the iPhone 6 around June or September. Despite a few months more into the timeline, reports and rumours about the device have spread.

The most interesting of these reports is Apple's plan on offering two iPhone 6 variants: one smartphone and one phablet. As mentioned, these will have 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays. Apple device leaker Sonny Dickson has something to add to these reports. Likewise, MacRumors have also posted more leaked photos of the device.

According to the leaked images, the featured device is the prototype of the iPhone 6. The photos were reportedly shared with the site by an anonymous Twitter user. There are no confirmations whether the photos really feature the iPhone 6, but leaks have proven useful previously. Dickson posted the photos on his Twitter account with the label "teasers." He did not offer other details about the photos.

For the leaked photos, click here.

An update posted on BGR says that a Reddit user presented convincing arguments about the photos. The user claimed that the photos do not feature the iPhone 6. They are renders from a graphic designer back in late 2013. Other reported details about the device include a sapphire screen, Sony FaceTime camera module and thinner design.

There are no further details about the specs. Apple will have to provide an announcement yet for the actual release of the device. Analysts believe the company will be pushing standards for the next iPhone 6. The company has been investing in interesting patents like solar panels and wireless charging.

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