'Modern Family' Wins Fifth Consecutive Best Comedy Emmy Award Plus Other Categories

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Modern Family cast in Queensland
Modern Family cast members Eric Stonestreet (top), Sarah Hyland (C) and Ariel Winter (L) step off their plane on Hamilton Island in Queensland February 25, 2014. The cast and crew of U.S. comedy television series "Modern Family" arrived on the resort island on Tuesday to film their Australian vacation episode. REUTERS/James Morgan/Handout via Reuters Reuters

"Modern Family" racked up yet another win at the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards making this as their fifth Emmy for "Best Comedy Series" in as many seasons. The series also won more awards for "Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series" for Ty Burrell and "Best Directing for a Comedy Series" for Gail Mancuso.

The fifth consecutive winning award for "Best Comedy Series", ties "Modern Family" with the long-running series "Frasier" in holding the top spot for most wins in said category. Both shows took the accolade in the first five seasons. The magic touch in finding the funny bone in audiences worldwide could be attributed to a connection that the two shows also have shared, "Modern Family" co-creator Christopher Lloyd, was also involved in the production of "Frasier" earlier in his career. The highly successful series will be gunning to overtake "Frasier" next season by vying for a sixth consecutive Emmy and Lloyd's involvement in the upcoming season has just been confirmed after speculations of his departure surfaced earlier this year.

Ty Burrell took the award for "Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy" for his role as Phil Dunphy.  Phil is the accidentally hilarious head of the Dunphy family, the show's interpretation of a regular modern family with parents and growing children. Phil has a regular job working in real estate and his marriage to Claire Pritchett connects the Dunphy family to the rest of the show's cast that involve Claire's dad, Jay and his new wife Gloria as well as Claire's brother, Mitchell and his partner Cam. Phil and Claire have three children, teenage girl Haley who is interested in boys and parties, her younger sister Alex, who is a smart over-achiever and their young son Luke who practically grew up in the show.

"Modern Family" is a light take on the lives of the intertwined lives of the Pritchett family that has now branched out into the Dunphys and the Tuckers. The show represents the various dynamics between members of the family and the various circumstances and situations that could arise in the daily lives of regular people making every situation easy to relate to. The magnification of common family issues makes for some hilarious scenes but still realistic and effective in touching audiences worldwide. The show has so far won 21 Emmys out of 67 nominations in five seasons. 

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