‘Modern Family’ Star Starts War With KISS Rockers Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, Apologises Later

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Modern Family cast in Queensland
Modern Family cast members Eric Stonestreet (top), Sarah Hyland (C) and Ariel Winter (L) step off their plane on Hamilton Island in Queensland February 25, 2014. The cast and crew of U.S. comedy television series "Modern Family" arrived on the resort island on Tuesday to film their Australian vacation episode. REUTERS/James Morgan/Handout via Reuters Reuters

“Modern Family” star Eric Stonestreet has had a brief tiff with KISS rockers Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley after he thought they were rude to his mother on a plane. The Twitter row was quickly settled, with Stonestreet ending up apologising instead.

The 42-year-old actor, who plays Cameron Tucker in the hit U.S. series, detailed a purported incident on Instagram, in which he accused Simmons and Stanley of bullying his mother.

“Turns out both Gene Simmons AND Paul Stanley were on my mum’s flight to Kansas City,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Gene tried to bully my mum out of her seat and when she said no, he said, ‘it’s ok, I just bought the plane and then asked her for HER autograph. – dick move

“Then Paul called her ‘Aunt Bee.’ – dick move

“I can’t wait to run into you two old ass makeup wearing f**** and tell you in person; you should have been nicer to my mum.”

It turned out that the incident never happened, with both Simmons and Stanley denying the event.

Simmons denied the story on Twitter, saying that it was “blatantly untrue,” while Stanley offered an explanation, saying it was just all a misunderstanding.

Stonestreet then quickly retracted, saying he will have “a stern talk with my mum about making up stories.”

“Old people, ya know? OUR apologies,” the actor said sorry.

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