‘Modern Family’ Star Sarah Hyland’s Accused Groper Also Victimised Sandra Bullock In Sydney

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Sandra Bullock was also victimised by “Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland’s alleged breast groper. The man accused of groping Sarah at her sitcom’s meet-and-greet event in Sydney on Thursday was also found to have done a similar act to Sandra while she was in Australia in July 2013.

Sarah, 23, left her show’s Qantas Airlines event in tears after a male fan took advantage of her outside The Sebel Pier One in Sydney. According to reports, a 29-year-old man asked her to pose for photograph but then grabbed her breast.

She immediately pushed the man away and screamed, prompting security guards to arrive.

The man was arrested and charged with assault with an act of indecency.

Sarah was understandably upset, taking to Twitter to explain to her Australian fans why she had to leave the party early.

Apparently, that’s not the first time the accused groper has acted inappropriately with a celebrity.

In July, Sandra was also in Sydney to promote her film “The Heat.” Her short but sweet stay was almost marred by an incident with Nedal Lakmas, Sarah’s accused groper.

A video released by the Sunday Telegraph shows Nedal getting close to the Oscar nominee before suddenly touching her left breast.

A shocked Sandra snapped at him, saying, “don’t touch my breast!” before attempting to laugh off the appalling incident.

Nedal wasn’t charged then. He is due at the Downing Centre Local Court on March 14 to answer his charge in connection with the incident on Thursday.

Meanwhile, a man claiming to be Nedal’s uncle is denying that his nephew could have done the act.

Mr A Akmas claimed that Nedal is suffering from a mental condition, saying, “He has been on a pension his whole life and cannot work, but he has been crying non-stop since this has happened.

“He gets so much enjoyment from meeting these people. He loves to meet these people. I have spoken with him since (his arrest) and he says to me: ‘Why do they think I do this?’ The boy is being punished but he didn’t do anything. And the media say that one minute he touch (Sarah’s) boob and the next it’s her bum. Make up your mind.”

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