‘Modern Family’ Star Eric Stonestreet, Samantha Armytage Start SamCam Romance?

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Modern Family cast in Queensland
Modern Family cast members Eric Stonestreet (top), Sarah Hyland (C) and Ariel Winter (L) step off their plane on Hamilton Island in Queensland February 25, 2014. The cast and crew of U.S. comedy television series "Modern Family" arrived on the resort island on Tuesday to film their Australian vacation episode. REUTERS/James Morgan/Handout via Reuters Reuters

“Modern Family” star Eric Stonestreet and Australia’s own Samantha Armytage aren’t an item, according to the “Sunrise” presenter herself. “SamCam” allegedly began their romance after a flirtatious Twitter message exchange, which soon developed into a lunch date.

The American actor was in Australia to shoot an episode special of the sitcom in February, but he reportedly decided to extend his stay in Sydney by two days so he could take Armytage on a date.

As the Daily Telegraph reported, several diners at the famed Chiswick restaurant saw the odd couple sharing lunch together, downing their food with espresso martinis. Apparently, they really enjoyed each other’s company because their lunch took five hours to complete.

Restaurant co-owner Matt Moran’s camp confirmed that Stonestreet and Armytage were at his restaurant, though their attendance was largely unnoticed because their lunch coincided with the memorial for Charlotte Dawson.

The two are now said to be conjuring up a long distance relationship.

Apparently, the whole SamCam romance started with a simple tweet. 36-year-old Armytage admitted that he wanted to meet the 42-year-old actor, and Stonestreet simply replied, “Let’s organise this.”

On Monday, Armytage was forced to speak up about her allegedly budding romance with Stonestreet, although she managed not to really reveal anything.

“Do we have to talk about this?” she coyly answered when the topic of “Modern Family” was brought up.

“There’s nothing to talk about. There’s nothing to say... It was a lovely lunch,” she continued, explaining that she loves taking long lunches.

“Don’t believe everything you read in the paper.”

Her co-presenter, David Koch, cleared the report on her behalf, saying, “Can I publicly say that Samantha has denied any allegations of a romance, it was just a five-hour lunch.”

Armytage did say that Stonestreet is a “lovely man, very funny, very lovely,” adding that “he’s definitely not gay!”

Stonestreet plays the gay Cameron Tucker in the U.S. sitcom. He has won two Emmy Award trophies for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for that role.

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