Modern Family Season 5 : Premiere Synopses: “Suddenly, Last Summer” and “First Days”

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ABC's hit comedy "Modern Family" Season 5 is a one-hour premiere consisting of two episodes, "Suddenly, Last Summer" and "First Days."

"In the first half of the hour, "Suddenly, Last Summer," the family is in the throes of summer activities: Phil and Claire are trying to orchestrate a kid-free week by coordinating Luke's camp with Haley's beach trip and Alex's volunteering excursion; Jay and Gloria are getting Manny ready for his first solo trip back to Colombia; and Mitch and Cam make it a summer to remember," according to the synopses of the two episodes released by ABC.

"In the second half-hour, "First Days," Luke and Manny have their first day at high school, which proves to be harder for Phil and Gloria than for the boys. Elsewhere, Claire makes her big return to the workforce at Jay's closet company and is a little rusty on her first day, and Cam starts a new substituting gig at the high school, leaving Mitch to try to juggle Lily's first day in 1st grade and a very important meeting at work."

As reported earlier, the new season of "Modern Family" is going to tackle gay marriage. "Well ... we deal with gay marriage. And that's all I can say. I'm not allowed to say anything too crazy," Julie Bowen had said, who plays Claire Dunphy in "Modern Family," while giving a preview of "Modern Family" Season 5 to HUFFPOST TV.

"I can't explain how we deal with gay marriage, but gay marriage is now legal and we have one of the most popular couples, Cam and Mitch, and we deal with it hopefully in a funny and original way. And true to the spirit of our show, which is comedy first and message follows."

"Modern Family," nominated for 12 Primetime Emmy Awards, returns this fall with the Season 5 premiere on Wednesday, September 25. 

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