Model Brooke Banker Holds Record For Longest Legs in New York

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(Video Credit: YouTube/Barcroft TV)

Brooke Banker is not just any ordinary model with long legs. She's actually considered by most as just all legs. Hence, she is the record holder for having the longest legs living in New York.

Huffington Post wrote in a featured article that Ms Banker's legs measure up to 47 inches, when taken from her heels straight to her hip bone part. That means her long legs make up about two third of her overall body. Unlike other petite girls dreaming to be tall to fulfil their dreams of being a model, Ms Banker instead wanted to have a 4'11" height instead of her current 5'11" stance.

However, she confessed how much her height has helped her excel in school especially in the line of sports. Eventually it also aided her to land a career as a model.

The 5'11" model finished her studies on air traffic control and had a major degree in public relations. Her former school, Penn State, was where she used to play for the volleyball team. As for her career, it was last year when her modelling career finally kicked off. She started working for Monarch Agency, fulfilling fashion presentations and some runway activities too.

In New York though, Ms Banker may hold the record of longest legs. But for the world record holder, the credit still belongs to Svetlana Pankratova from Falls Church, Va. Her legs were measured at 51.9 inches and conducted by the Guinness World of Records. Ms Pankratova stands at 6'8".

"It's not necessarily what I'd like to be known for. It's just how I was born. I didn't do anything special for it," she shared with the NY Post.

Ms Banker is based in Manhattan at the moment but grew up in Brooklyn. When she reached high school, her family moved to Orange County where she focused most of her time on sports instead of modelling.

The young model is still single with the most apparent reason that she may be intimidating guys with her very long legs. As for her future dreams, she dreams of becoming a weather girl or maybe even earn a hosting stint for "Good Day New York."

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