Mobile Microsoft Office For iPhone And Android Now Free For Home Use

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Microsoft makes its application accessible to all. The company started to enhance its Office by releasing the updated Office Mobile for iPhone and Android users with a big improvement.

The Office Mobile is now entirely free of charge for home use, in addition to Office for iPad. The new app can now be downloaded from Apple's App Store and Google Play.

Microsoft unleashed this new version of Office to coordinate with Office Mobile for Windows Phone with its iOS and Android counterparts. As a development, Office Mobile now allows smartphone users to view and see, and edit content on the go for free. It doesn't need any more an Office 365 for editing.

But there aren't new updates available today. The same updates are available for both iOS and Android apps: free of charge for home use, bug fixes and stability improvements.

Microsoft still plans to allow that for business use and there will be an Office 365 subscription. This will be a difficult challenge for Microsoft to apply that order, still, knowing that employees can install this update on their devices, which they can use at work.

The company introduces these improvements in return with both Apple's and Google's free mobile office suites. Apple has iWork (iOS 7 and up) that can be downloaded for free and Goggle offers QuickOffice for free (Android 4.4 and up).

But still Microsoft's action is different because it treats tablets as premium devices, meaning its users need to pay charges to use the feature of the Office Mobile. But this feature is still not allowed for iOS now. But it is safe to say that Microsoft can issue an Office Mobile for Android tablets soon.

At the moment, Microsoft is engaged on transferring Office to Android tablets and the Metro version for touchscreens Windows devices.

"In the future we will bring Office apps to the Windows Store and other popular platforms, including Android tablets," a Microsoft spokesman reported.

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