Mobile Gamepad Is Here: Turn Your Smartphone Into A Game Controller

By @peevesky on

Gaming on the Android is very flexible, with countless games on Google Play, multiple game play options, as well as add-on hardware to improve the gaming experience. A newly invented app will turn a user's Android smartphone into a gamepad for a Windows Computer. 

The smartphone market has been a competitive industry over the last few years. Handsets are no longer just used to call or text someone. They can also be used to email, surf the internet and complete other tasks depending on the applications installed on them. Smartphones have become portable computers allowing people to do a range of things. This time, it appears users can also turn their smart handsets into a game controller. 

Through the Mobile Gamepad app, people can now transform their smartphones into a game controller. The app was produced by a developer in the XDA forums. Once installed, the app turns an Android gadget into a motion sensing, customizable gamepad. What sets the Mobile Gamepad apart from others in the market is its motion-sensing capabilities.The app works with a server-side application on the host PC that enables the use of different kinds of controls to play games. Users can set the system to use digital pads, swipe gestures, or your gadget's accelerometer to manipulate games on PC. 

The Mobile Gamepad provides its users with a virtual directional pad, and six buttons that are similar to the PS3 controller. The buttons are labeled with a triangle, square, circle, X, pause, and start. The accelerometer allows gamers to use motion control rather than using the traditional directional pad. 

Beyond being simply a remote controller, Mobile Gamepad can give users a quick access to their favorite games. People can launch these games from the app itself, making it easier for you to select games when playing on a bigger screen when your PC is far from reach.

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