This Mobile App Scans a Menu, Analyses and Chooses a Drink for You

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Drinking healthy is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Apart from health reasons, a good drink completes a great dining experience as well.

Nowadays, many are disregarding the health benefits of their drinks as more people get predisposed to risky drinking habits. According to Group Health's study on Unhealthy Drinking, the estimated prevalence of unhealthy drinking in the U.S. is approximately 30 per cent. Now, lo and behold, there is a recently launched app to help analyse a menu and choose a drink.

It is called SipSnapp, a mobile application for Android and iOS users that aspires to give ample information so that users can make an informed choice. Once users finished downloading the app, they just need to sit back, click the app, and take a picture of the drink menu they're going to drink. With a little span of minute, SipSnapp analyses the list from the menu and gives a complete and comprehensive analysis including the brewer, style, user ratings and so on and all the things users need to know in able to make a right and just decision of what to drink.

Lately, the app's Kickstarter campaign has reached up to $467 of pledged $30,000 total with 28 days to go. Their primary product, if they achieved the funding goal, would only give emphasis to beer. It is not just snapping and taking pictures that can be done with SipSnapp, searching and exploring can also be done by drink name and results will include user ratings and comments from

Not just that, there is another feature of this app, it also absorbs the personal preferences of users time and again, and just like the Netflix style, endorses beers that users prefer when it pops up on the menu.

As of the moment, the SipSnapp team also plans new projects that will include wine section, searching tool to help search for available drinks according to places and locations, and a paid premium service. Undoubtedly, this app is pretty helpful in providing drink ratings and reviews for the users' perusal.

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